The Night

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Artist: Disturbed
Title: The Night

What has come over me
What madness taken hold of my heart
To run away, the only answer
Pulling me away
To run upon my sight
So now recovering
Sweet shadow taking hold of my mind
Another day has been devoured
Calling me away, bringing the question
For saving me from all they’ve taken
Let my honor fall again
Giving me the strength to face them
Feeling it taking over now
I’m about to take it all away
There can be no better way of knowing
In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life
Give into the night
This self discovery
Redemption taking hold of my mind
This serenade of haunting voices
Calling me away
To piece from the sight
So much felicity
Downgrade and taking hold of my head
Leading me away from hibernation
Strong and I’m afraid
Remember the question why
I’m about to take it away
Give in to the night
Give into the Night