rainy days 网上很难找的歌真美的歌

作者:zqcheng    发布于3年前 (2015-05-14)    阅读:  365  次

      Stepped out side on a rainy day
      This is what I feel in my heart
      When I’m not with you
      When I’m missing you
      My heart just fills with tears
      It’s not like we broke up
      So I don’t need to be sad
      But my heart feels empty now
      Coz your part of me And every time you leave You keep taking my heart with you
      ☆ ☆ On a rainy day I miss you even more
      On a rainy day can’t hide my feelings
      I know sun will shine again
      When your back
      when you back
      Coz you’re my sunshine babe
      On a rainy day I need you even more
      On a rainy day I crave for your touch
      Baby you should know by now
      This is how I feel
      On my rainy day
      Walked out side on a rainy day
      So that no one will see me cry
      Let rain wipe my tears
      Let wind dry my tears
      But loneliness won’t go away (loneliness won’t go away)
      Its not like we don’t talk
      You’re always there when I call
      But you’re so hard to read
      Coz you’re shy like me You don’t say it loud
      that’ why i miss you even more